By now, you should have received an email with your login instructions*.

Once you have a username and password, you should be able to follow these steps: 

1-Visit the Member Login page and enter your username (the email that’s on file with MPA) and password.

2-Visit the Student Dashboard

3-Select your courses—we recommend that you begin with the Mississippi Pawn Law since it is required annually.

4-Watch the videos and then complete the quizzes. Successful completion of the quizzes will result in a Certificate. You’ll be able to see your progress at the Student Dashboard.

5-MPA Members are required to complete six hours of Continuing Education annually. 

Once the license-holder has completed the courses, you’ll be able to share the courses with your employees and team members. 

Click HERE to download a PowerPoint with full instructions. 

NOTE: MPA Dues are paid annually according to the calendar year. 2022 can be paid here and will be due again on January 1, 2023.

*Haven’t received an email? Please contact

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  1. I have completed everything and sent all the picture of my completion to Tommie Sullivan and tried calling him several times and never get an answer or a response. NMLS starts November 1 and I don’t have what I need yet from ya’ll to post on NMLS. Can someone please respond to me about this as NMLS is difficult and this is making it even tougher.

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